Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sign of Un-Rented Mall Space

I think it was a Quinzo’s. A few weeks ago it was closed and there was some legal letter taped to the glass, something about court order and bankruptcy. I guess it only affected this location, the chain still has a website. I never ate there so I have no opinion on if the food served was any good. Why did I take this shot? Believe me, it’s not to promote this romantic comedy, which I have no plans to see. It looks awful and unfunny. I took a picture when it dawned on me: the mall is camouflaging the empty store with advertisements—they’ve done a similar thing with the space of the former B. Daltons, although there they are promoting another store. I wonder if they will change the sign for a new movie—I doubt this stinker is going to stay around a while. What this is though is a sign of the economy. No new retail business is in line to lease this space, no new stores are opening up. The crowds in Newport Mall are not spending. The unemployment rate in Jersey City is above 10 percent. Do you want a mall with boarded up store fronts filled with wandering unemployed young people? I can’t really complain about this camouflage, it’s not a bad idea, it helps the atmosphere and an atmosphere conducive to shopping is good for business. It’s a clever use of otherwise unused space. I got a feeling though we will see more stores close in the mall before we see this extra large movie poster replaced by a new store. Besides, that big paper cup with lid is an interesting image. It looks imposing. The attack of the killer refill.

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