Monday, March 8, 2010

Exposed Exterior

Do you know how much work it takes to get bricks to look so distressed. Okay, I can’t fool anybody, unlike the torn gashes in designer jeans, these bricks are weathered by actual weather. They are really as old as they look. This used to be a Mexican restaurant, it has been closed for a while. Something new is coming. Recently the exterior was removed, exposing the bricks. I guess they are about to do work. I’m sure it will look very presentable and be an important contribution to Newark Avenue. I like the way the newly naked bricks look. They're old and raw. I can’t remember what sort of façade used to be there, just as I can’t remember if actually ever saw the store sign newly revealed underneath. It’s just part of a sign. Carol Ann? Did I ever see it as a business? What it is left of the sign seems to say 1950s. Because only a fragment remains, it was probably something else before it was something else, and on and on. But, what was here that I remember last? Did I just forgot or was there a something else that was gone before my time here? Jersey City often resists such scrutiny.

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