Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chicken Shack Opens

I wrote about this place here. Finally construction is done. The place had this gala opening last week. Bouquets of flowers, balloons. It’s a chicken shack, albeit a future is here 21st century chicken shack. Obviously Asian and reminiscent of the Jetsons. An ultra modern red spiral stair case leads to the upstairs, Looks like quality, somewhat healthy fast food. Haven’t been inside, it’s been too crowded. I’ll wait until the lunch lines die down some. The big white walls not only concealed construction but served as a constant reminder, a revolution in chicken. Pretty clever marketing, for a chicken shack—not that there is anything wrong with clever marketing, or a chicken shack. The food looks good and they have grilled chicken. A new place opening, a few jobs that didn’t exist before have been created. Get off the PATH head east on 32nd.

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