Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Corner Garden

Later I realized this corner I had written about before. Last year, Sixth & Erie was the location of falling bricks from train trestles of our glorious railroad past—as if the Embankment needed more controversy! During a stroll down Erie on our recent spurt of clear skies, sunshine and warm temps I saw this early garden. At least, it looked more than just a planting of grass. I am assuming this is an unauthorized community garden. I can’t quite make out the little signs near the base of the sign. I do not know what kinds of plants were planted, but they seem to be flowers. Somebody took the time to dig up the unused ground and even place some stone fragments, suggesting a pathway. Might be too small to practice Zen Meditation, but adding a touch of beauty, alleviating a modicum of drabness—just the thought is enough to improve anyone’s day.

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