Monday, February 22, 2010

Coming Soon to a Former Bookstore Near You

In January, Jersey City lost its one and only bookstore, a B. Dalton’s. The community outrage echoed for nearly a nanosecond, consisting mainly of a blog item here. Booksellers have abandoned our city and what could possibility fill that void? There’s no new neon in the blank spot where the B. Dalton’s sign used to hang, so I don’t know what this store will be called, but apparently the people have spoken, and by people, I mean, the Newport Mall. You might not be able to buy books here, but you can buy Lingerie or is it women’s underwear. These undergarments—Bombshells! Extreme Cleavage!—may be dangerous and could require a permit. Could I have misunderstood the sign, maybe it’s not female underwear but the Fem-Bots the store is selling. Cyborgs… Sexy, but Deadly!

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