Friday, March 19, 2010

My Sneaky Hamilton Park Preview

I was near Hamilton Park on Friday, a lovely afternoon, early spring, perfect for enjoying the park. The park is closed and next months it will be closed for an entire year. Yes, they found contaminated soil. I can accept that causing some delays. Yes, we’ve had a lot of snow fall. Again, that could mess with a schedule. What gets me though is that with the original proposal and then with the estimates after the lead in soil was discovered, we never see an exact date. I can understand not an exact date, or maybe even week, but not even a month?

The gate was opened. I’m rarely around here during the week. So, what the heck I walked. Took a few pictures. It looks pretty good. Consider these an exclusive preview. Of course, even with the fence, the work and its sluggish pace have not been exactly hidden.

“I have to ask you to leave, this is a construction site.” He was a nice enough guy and spoke to me gently.

“I saw the gate opened, I just wanted to look around.” I wasn’t about to make an issue of it. He didn’t ask about taking pictures. I asked him, “when do you think it will be done.”

“Two months.”

“May? It will be done in May?”


I guess we’ll see. I hate the idea of the park missing another summer. Seemed to me, they could open part of the park now, move the fence and just continue on their “construction.” That’s just me I guess.


  1. FYI - From the HPNA list which kind of implies an early May reopening...

    When Hamilton Park re-opens, we (Exeter Property Co, developers of Hamilton Square), will be turning the temporary park next to Hamilton Square into a miniature Golf Course designed by 18 artists curated by the Jersey City Museum! After the Museum event on April 29, we will have the mini-golf open to the public for May, June and July with proceeds to benefit the museum.

  2. one can hope. that was one fast response, thanks for reading the blog. I try to be entertaining and sometimes must resort to snarkiness but the guy I spoke was polite and nice.