Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mall Bunny

The Easter Bunny is weird and a little creepy. Not scary really, nothing close to being a clown for Gods Sakes no! I feel bad for him, never going to get the crowds a Santa Claus draws even though he’s much a part of holiday as jolly ole Saint Nick and is a secular symbol of an otherwise religious event. Santa Claus doesn’t have pagan roots, unlike other aspects of yuletide like the tree and ornaments and yuletide log. But the glorification of the rabbit, the dyeing of the eggs, the candy—all bits of spring celebration of pre-Christian Europe. I wonder when bringing your child to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap became something to do. I don’t remember that as a kid, and we had Malls and Easter way back then too. It’s a photo-op and seemed to me, the average age was noticeably younger than those in line for Santa. And, why does the Easter Bunny live in a split-level tea pot? Where does that come from? Or the glasses? It’s just weird. The kids are cute. The woman behind the camera taking the picture had this small tambourine which she shook over her head to get the attention of the child, maybe inspire a smile. I’m frightened of this giant anthropomorphic creature. Do I ask the bunny for something. He doesn’t bring presents like Santa, he brings candy. You can only wish for Candy. Lots & Lots of candy.

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