Friday, May 27, 2011

Tarred but Unpainted

About 24 days, I guess that’s how long it takes to pave a major thoroughfare like ole Rail Road Avenue, known by others as Christopher Columbus Drive. This street gains local legend as being the worst for pot holes. Some are so gaping they resemble man-made lakes when it rains. See, how nice and fresh and smooth the tar now looks. I wish there were bars on this street so I could've hung out yesterday and get the second hand smoke mixed with fresh hot tar aromas. The only thing left is the painting of the double yellow lines down the middle of the street. The markers are up to guide the street painters, in the meantime drivers are on the honor system to stay in their lanes unguided. They willingly complied, the morning’s drive free of jarring chassis rattles, alignment and axels finally safe until next winter passes and the pot hole season begins anew.


  1. That's not CC Drive, you LIE!

  2. The only negative is that Railroad will now become a speedway of commuters racing to the waterfront in the morning and to the turnpike in the evening!

  3. good point, the speed limit is rarely followed on ole railroad. at least the street light situation has gotten better, giving pedistrians more time to cross