Monday, May 9, 2011

JCFD: Taste & Class

I rambled on some about noticing the 9-11 memorial down by Exchange Place the same day Bin Laden was killed, which filled the news last week. Noticed a new memorial – well it may not be new but it was first time I noticed it – for the tragedy at what is known by the J.C. F.D. as the “big house,” – simple piece of a steel beam, bricks spelling out 9-11. A flag, a bouquet of roses. I walk by here often enough, the flags caught my eye. We move on, we never forget. A recognition of the event made in good taste, totally appropriate. Not much in Jersey City you can say this about – our Fire Department has class (and by the way, the men and women who work in our fire department are really great and they do a fine job).

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