Monday, May 23, 2011

J.C. Ditches

Some of the finest ditches in all of Hudson County are new to Jersey City. Not deep enough for the much needed sewer system but I’m sure she’ll handle a fresh curb. I love this slice of street, the thin grass roots jutting out into the air, the chipped asphalt. Look at the end of the ditch though, somebody littered, tossed their take out bags and containers into the ditch. An ever-present point of annoyance and disappointment, the residents of this town love to litter. It’s so lazy and inconsiderate. This deep crevice is temporary, needed for the now perennial street-scaping, created on Friday and to be filled by Monday and yet the litter buggers couldn’t resist using it as a receptacle. Jersey City is a kind of windy place, the haphazard skyline, it’s proximity to the river, the topography of river-side flats abutting hill country, capture and extends breezes. Garbage blows easily hereabouts. How about some kind of awareness of the Give a Hoot and Don’t Pollute kind? All this encouragement to ride bicycles or stop pipelines, all the green posturing, yet no one cares about the rampant litter buggery. You know who I am talking about – YOU! (and you and you.)

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