Tuesday, May 3, 2011

English Paving

I guess old Railroad Avenue is getting the royal treatment. See, English Paving. Everyone in town with a car, which sometimes seems is everybody but me, complains about the pot holes on Christopher Columbus. Pretty awesome – worst pot holes in the state of New Jersey. Apparently they are milling the road, or does that come after removing the old top layer of tar. Some kind of heating comes from that huge dinosaur looking truck which sucks up the old asphalt and spews into the dump truck. Of course, a lagoon will likely appear on the corners when it rains, but who cares about unseen infrastructure. As long as the alignment of cars taking the rumored short cut from the turnpike to the Holland Tunnel remain safe. You know it’s going to smelly and loud and traffic will be re-routed during the whole repaving, watching men working on the highway is fun. The smell of fresh tar: priceless.

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