Friday, June 8, 2012

Overturned Car, 6th & Marin

I feel like an Eyewitness Action News Team of one.  I usually refrain from a post like this, I do not want to exploit somebody's misery,  but the picture was too dramatic not to rubber neck. This  overturned car was on Sixth & Marin Blvd., the main drive to the Newport Mall and Holland Tunnel. The special name is Thomas Gangemi Drive, whoever that may be. When I got there, a woman on a stretcher was being loaded into an ambulance, a picture I did refrain from taking.  Looks like they had to use the Jaws of Life to remove the top of the car. I think both drivers were taken to the hospital, there did not seem to be anybody involved in the accident around, just the police, fire and other emergency personnel. Marin Blvd. was closed off for a block either way, the flow of cars thickened as they followed the emergency detour. I have no idea what happened, I was not a witness, but it must have been some collision to knock a car on its side, never saw that in town before. Maybe if there was better enforcement of speed limits in town, just saying. Jersey City is known as a short cut to the Turnpike and Holland Tunnel and drivers make that shorter by pressing the pedal to the metal. All pedestrians round these parts know what I’m talking about. Just saying. The real truth is accidents happen, all the time, all too often. Tragedy is sudden. Life is as fragile as an eggshell, security an illusion disappearing in an instant. Blink of you eye, all plans are out the window; your car is on its side somewhere near Newport Mall and you’re on a gurney in the Emergency Room. I wash the cops push the car to its tires. I didn’t stay around for the tow.

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