Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jersey City Marmot

Land Beaver, that’s my favorite term but this little beastie is better known as a ground hog or a wood chuck, which is a type of marmot that has been part of the Jersey landscape since evolution created the mammal. The length of this critter’s Hudson County’s lineage is probably incalculable.  It’s a rodent, but obviously cuter than those slimy rats, which were  brought over from Europe and not indigenous to our countryside. All varmints are not created equal.  What countryside, this picture was taken by a patch of lawn on the island that forms a side entrance to the Staples/Models parking lot. True that. If this picture were taken in a rural or even suburban part of our dear Garden State, the sighting of our official state marmot would not be a big deal. They used to dig holes in my parent’s backyard. I’ve never seen one in Jersey City, certainly not on a little slice of greenery near a fence that separates one parking lot from another. But there it was proving once again that nature is as inevitable as it is relentless. Too late to gauge if a shadow was seen, summer’s here.

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