Friday, June 1, 2012

Daddies Ketchup

When it comes to Ketchup, it’s either Heinz or nothing, and I’m looking at you, Hunt’s! Daddies Ketchup apparently is a real brand in the United Kingdom and this artist seems to be evoking the spirit of Andy Warhol reproducing commercial art. This giant ketchup bottle balloon is an inflatable and is part of the Common Ground Art Exhibit at City Hall Park, which is right near the WTC Path.
I’m trying to conceptualize what Irish Ketchup might be like. Non-American ketchup, that’s just not right. But I am actually 25 percent Irish and enjoy ketchup on hot dogs, which on those of Irish descent seem to understand.  There’s no apostrophe so it is not the recommended condiment of a specific Daddy, but the ketchup of all fathers and father figures. The guy on the label resembles William F. Buckley.
Daddies Ketchup is by Paul McCarthy. I am not sure what social significance it inspires, but a giant ketchup bottle amongst the green branches of summer is pretty funny in a when ketchup attacks kind of way. Catsup is scarier though.

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