Friday, June 22, 2012

FIRE: Coles & Columbus

Columbus was closed to traffic from Monmouth to Varick/Coles. The street changes name on either side of Columbus but both Varick and Coles were closed off for a block as well. You could smell dank smoke, feel it in the air. Nobody was hurt. Emergency medical vehicles were parked with the fire trucks, unused gurneys at the ready. The siren lights were flashing but the sirens were off.  They were still trying to find out how the fire started. The fire was in the basement of this abandoned building.  That's what people said. It had been put out, but they were inspecting the other floors just to be safe. A couple of days ago, there was a fire in the building at the corner of Jersey & Columbus. I don’t think the people have moved back there yet. Caroline’s laundry is on the ground floor, has not reopened. But this building is abandoned, has been for a while. The fire was out by the time I  saw this scene, the firemen were relaxed, joking with each, the worse over, everyone getting ready to go, just making sure. You could still smell the smoke from nearly a block away, weighted down by the humid summer air.

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