Friday, June 15, 2012

Arborcide on Newark Avenue

Another arborcide incident, this time on Newark Ave. I didn’t see the tree fall, just its unceremonial dismembering. In the back of the pick up truck a man wielded his loud chain saw, another guy loaded the logs into the truck bed to be sliced. Eventually they’ll wind up in a fireplace, I wonder if who ever enjoys the warmth of glow of this dead wood will ever consider this tree once lived and all the litter it once gave shade to. “What does this town have against trees?” a friend of my once exclaimed.  What appear to be perfectly healthy trees are suddenly gone, they hit a certain age, reach their natural robustness, and they are murdered by our municipality. Arborcide! It’s ugly, it’s a tragedy,  but it’s out of our hands. We don’t make the decision. We are unable to understand the effect roots have on sidewalks and curbs – at least that is the rumor we believe – so just keep moving, nothing to see here, it’s all over. Soon all that’s left  are some leaves, bits of sticks and bark, sawdust is. The stump doesn’t need to say a thing

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