Saturday, June 9, 2012

Memorial for an Unknown Artist

All artists are unknown, at least at first. Part of the Common Ground exhibit in City Hall Park, on the Manhattan side near the WTC PATH, it’s called Memorial for the Unknown Artist by Thomas Schutte, a contemporary German sculptor. His website his here.  
I love how the bust seems to drip into being. His face is perplexed, why are his hands near his temples.  Wondering why about why he does what he does or wondering why about what he sees will soon be created into art. There is a lack of anger, even agitation yet the bust is far from placid. Accepting the lack of answers in this life, especially concerning clarifying the role and artists plays in society, is not exactly effective consolation. The unknown artist perseveres without recognition or support, and like all of us, sometimes looks lost in the park, but is only perplexed, regardless of where he is.  

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