Saturday, December 24, 2011

Water Main Maintenance

Water main breaks are commonplace (here and here) here in Jersey City, which is why this truck caught my eye. National Water Main Cleaning Company sounds good to me. Does this have anything to do with the custom of handing out fliers and similar notices warning against drinking Jersey City Water without first boiling whenever there is a water main break? United Water is to blame my landlord claims. Is this truck a preventative measure? Some fat hose ran from the truck into the manhole, even wider coiled hose was scattered about, probably used prior to my coming onto the scene; how does one clean a water main pipe I wondered although one imagines some sort of flushing out the system must be involved. The truck sort of quivered, rocked back and forth, a lid on the steam pipe like contraption by the cab moved up and down. It was shiny black, never saw a vehicle quite like this before but then, I’ve only seen water main disruption and not water main maintenance before.

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