Thursday, December 1, 2011


On 32nd, heading towards PATH, teachers were being handed blue wool caps and signs. They were joining an OWS rally. The teacher’s union – United Federation of Teachers – was out in force; I saw more than a hundred of the blue skull caps heading towards 6th avenue, making an identifiable statement, becoming the tail end of the march, heading south towards Union Square, Zuccotti and the subconscious of the 1 percent. The pictures are lousy; I was in a rush. I had a prior commitment in J.C. so I couldn’t march. But the second protest in as many days.   Right on!  Their message was clear: tax cuts for the wealthy come at the expense of our children, thus our future. The other message is that the progressives may not have a Fox News, but they and the issues they’re raising, are no longer ignored. We’re more unified now than at any other time since the 1930s. This is what the Occupation Wall Street movement has accomplished… so far.

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