Monday, February 7, 2011

Water Main Break

About eight o’clock. Saturday Morning. The water pipe ruptured. Cold, steady drizzle. icky weather. Could have been worse, could have been below freezing instead of just above. Water Main Break on the western portion of Seventh Street, where it crosses (joy) Division Street. Water had to be shut off.

Nobody wants to spend their Saturday Morning with no water—not to metion closing off the street, calling in a crew. The flow we see is only above ground, the damage beneath is the real threat.

About an hour later, the gym was able to open. United Water sent in the troops. Now the repair begins. The street has to be scarred, the asphalt cut way, so they can get to the rupture to fix the pipe, bandage up our decaying infrastructure and delay the inevitable once again.

The next day, the sun is shining, water is flowing in faucets, dripping from spigots, swirling in toilets. Might want to boil it first if you intend to drink it. Asphalt patched up, good as new. A broken pipe is fixed. Just another day in our fair city…

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