Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steel Santa

Santa lost a little weight, but now he’s a real man of steel. How can you not help but smile at this clever bit of Christmas decoration? It’s a real neighborhood thing; I mean who the heck else walks on Cole Street except us locals. His name is Louie, which is not well known but your intrepidblogger found out the true story in July right here. Talking to Peter, welder in chief was truly loads of fun. A really good guy. Christmas decorations like any holiday decorations are temporary in nature. By that same token, they are meant to inspire, well joy. Maybe part of that inspiration is by the simple fact that the routine is suddenly altered. Oh, look, blinking lights in a window, garland on a tree in the living room, where no tree is until it’s this time of year. Dress up the metal man in a Santa suit. How can you help but smile? Dig the beard. My favorite accent is the black tape around the ankles. Attention to detail. Happy Christmas Coles Street!

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  1. Hey................I've seen this guy around Coles he one of DC's METAL MEN? Gotta love it! Merry Christmas! RetangoFett