Sunday, December 4, 2011

Welcome to Jersey City, New Jersey

Welcome to Jersey City, New Jersey. This week the Atlantic declared Jersey City as the 10th most artistic city in the U.S. I wonder if they saw this view of our welcome signage. The John Deere Capital of East Hudson County! I love the rust on the plow. It’s from under an an overpass, somewhere north of the Mall near the strip mall, I mean superstore center shopping, Staples, etc. These highway retailers litter most of the highways and even many byways in the land I love the best, undermining the regionalism that took so many decades to develop. But shoot, with national media and the death of independent retailers, homogeneity has been the order of the day within the memory of most of those still alive. No more mason dixon line; all of us are immigrants and pioneers.  Doesn’t mean we’re not bland, unique of individuals. What makes the strip mall section of our fair city is that it is so condensed, squeezed into the carbon monoxide land of Holland Tunnel entrances, the ones and the nines. Welcome, indeed.

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