Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spreading Scaping

Two years ago, in December, the Tree Planters appeared on the eastern sections of Newark Avenue. They make great trash bins and ash trays, atleast until they are filled with dirt and trees. I guess it’s a winter thing, the optimum time or maybe it’s just a coincidence.  Street-Scaping, that’s what’s going on. I love that on the notification posters of “Emergency No Parking” specifically state: Street Scaping. The planters, as well as the nifty iron-like benches are the finishing touches. Nice touches. That sort of touch was expected nearer the PATH station, our shovel ready project that started with the dawn of the Obama administration. Heading west, up Newark. I didn’t quite expect that, it’s sort of gets no man land-ish or at least used to be but that’s no longer the case. The planters and benches, aligning sidewalks near one of the few gas stations in town, the splendid “Big House” Fire Station, baseball fields, freight trains, cemetery, but like much of Jersey City, disparate. The street scaping creates more of thematic link, it’s nice to see it spread, it unifies. Newark is our boulevard, now more of it is starting to look it.

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