Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Used To Be Here

Remodeling going on, new business opening, maybe that recovery in the economy everyone hopes for is finally happening. I saw this and thought, but what used to be there. That’s one of the mental games you are constantly playing when you live in a city because the urban lanscape is one of constant if often minor modification. Now, some places you visit often and when they’re gone, you really notice. That is where the Woolworths used to be, by CH Martin, you remember that although even that recollection has faded so far another year or two you won’t remember. But there are other places that the visits are far more infrequent, often non existent. The Vietnamese bodega on the right I’ve been into occasionally; the video store, I believe the last in the neighborhood, I’ve never used. Funny how you can pass a block just about daily, which is  true for here, and never know anything about the shops or businesses there even though they are right next to other establishments that are must visits on any given week, or on roads well traveled during your routine. I think there was a nail salon of some kind, but maybe I’m thinking of another nail salon on the next block. There’s certainly no dearth of those around these parts so maybe it was something else. That’s the game. What used to be here? I’m not asking you; I'm asking me. You may remember and I just happen not to remember and even if you told me I probably won’t remember what you said in a couple of days. Some places you have total recall of, other places like here, for me, nothing comes to mind. Nothing will be missed, but that’s just for me. I’m sure somebody is missing this place that is no more, even though they were not enough to keep it open. A business for whatever reason is no more; somewhere somebody has given up some hope. Now it’s just another construction project, a temporary phase. The next business here you hope will be better, worth spending more time on this block, worth remembering if it goes.

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  1. Woolworth's was still here when I moved in. I really loved that store. Wooden floor, lots of interesting things to buy. CH Martin's is much, much less interesting.