Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visit is my new website. Don’t worry dear readers and ladies & gentlemen of the jury, I will not locate out of Dislocations. This website is a collection of my more literary endeavors of the past two decades or so. Here you will find short stories, perhaps some poetry (I haven’t posted those as yet), as well as excerpt from a novel and a memoir. Some of this portfolio resulted from MFA in Creative Writing at the New School University. Feel free to roll your eyes.

Actually, with some new additions, this is a recreation of a Geocities site I started in about 2003. A woman I knew, a former student of mine, set it up for me. It was very basic, very simple, which I wanted it to be. Just a reference point for some of this writing, sort of promoted in a low key and tasteful way, my literary ambitions. In fact, I started this blog for among things, a way to promote the Geocities. Synergy, one might say.

A few months into Dislocations, Geocities ceased to be. A year or so goes by. Hey, I do have a day job. I finally got around to this other site, which includes my own domain. I don’t have a lot of money. I went with Go Daddy and Word Press. If any programmer or web developer who wants to make a little money can help me, please email me. See, it is harder to make a simple website of writing than an elaborate one these days. I need to tweak this site, the stuff I want to add is very minor for a developer but beyond my capablities. Besides, I have writing to do. For now I put online and let’s see where we will go with it.

I realize looking over these pieces, the tone is very different than here. The themes are usually adult, the humor much more cynical. You’ve been warned. Don't let kids too young to read read this website.

It’s a work progress, and feedback is welcomed. But email me the feedback. I don’t need comments on the site. Or find me on facebook I’ll totally confirm!


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