Monday, September 27, 2010

Hamilton Park BBQ

I thought the Hamilton Park BBQ would be in the actual park, but nay, it was across the street in the Hamilton Park Interment Camp. I wasn’t able to try any of the Hamilton Park BBQ food—I could only go there when it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner—but I was told it was quite good. Also they had a ticket system, you stand in line to buy tickets, then buy food from vendors with the tickets. I hate this transfer of tender system and besides, the lines were way long. Apparently southern cooking (or soul cooking, depending on who is doing the cooking) has taken hold up here in the North. And why not, country food is comfort food. The weather remained summer like even though I spied a hay stack and a pumpkin. We were only a day or two into Autumn, this event seemed intent to straddle both seasons. A mini-country fair themed block party in the Hamilton Park neighborhood, with a roster of country oriented bands that gig here abouts. A nice pleasant way to spend the end of a Saturday, say high to your friends & neighbors. Another parting set by The Old Glorys featured electric guitar and bass, adding a twang to their Appalachian orientation, which included a pleasantly whimsical interpretation of Sam Cooke’s Wonderful World that seemed to lean heavily on the James Taylor version. And there was a pony ride, which was just odd. Walking a pony along Mcwilliams way there, I mean, really, rebuild St. Francis Hospital already. Okay, that’s a little too strongly snarky. The kids had fun, and there was a pleasant surreal touch to it. My cynicism was brief. Why not a pony road? This way too big for our city Great Dane (get thee to a dog run!) seemed ready to attack the pony, and win. A dog & pony ultimate fighting street fighting show. It was not to be, no ponies or large dogs were hurt during this BBQ. I liked the way they led the pony into its trailer. Come into town and give rides. A whinny-whinny situation.

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