Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sale: Stoop/Sidewalk

Yes, they happen in the Fall and Spring, but I think of stoop sales as a Summer thing and passed this Super-Store version of a stoop sale spread out along Jersey Ave, a hope against hope attempt to squeeze another weekend of retail on the heels of a fleeing Summer. Look at all that stuff. That's a lot of stuff. It’s not just a stoop but an entire sidewalk sale. I didn't make a purchase. I have to move my new clutter just to make room for my old clutter. Actually, I misplaced my old clutter but I know it is under there somewhere. The stoop sale may not be exclusive to Jersey City, but we sure perfect it. I also have seemed to notice that the younger generation (s), them X & Y ers ya hear so much about, are really into the stoop sale. Is a flea market mentality something they grew up, did they love the garage sale? I mean, they seem predisposed to retro, look at their fetish of vinyl records (I’m not going back to vinyl), especially used ones. I’ve never held a garage sale and it’s not just cause I don’t have a garage. I just never felt compelled. Yet, I live in a town with a rich Stoop Sale culture—garage sales without garage they be. I stood across the street to get this very blurry shot. I just like the way it flows so wide, this toop to sidewalk sale. Reminds me of one of my first blogs.

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  1. Ahhh the stoop. Gathering place and information center, especially in the summer. Place to slip and break your leg in the winter. I miss the stoop.