Monday, September 6, 2010

Scheduled Decay

Not so long ago this funeral home was a working concern, I can recall seeing mourners at a wake, congregating on the sidewalk, talking and smoking cigarettes as pedestrians passed by in courteous silence. I even recall water in the fountain or at least I think I remember the water spouting and gurgling, Shuttered for a few years now, the growth is always thick, the upkeep of the property up to the usual standards of J.C. realtors. The fountain is cracked, will probably never function again. I like the stone horse design. I like the weather worn paint on the door. Probably one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood. I don’t mind watching it rot. I guess it is more likely to be knocked down than restored and in this day and age, it’s even odds that decay may be better than what will replace it. That’s what I say, enjoy decay while it lasts. Some properties are maintained, some restored, some knocked down and replaced and some just rot, waiting. We’re all subject not just to the whims of social and economic changes, but who owns title to when each whim occurs.

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