Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sign of Chains

Chains on the signs, are we free or we are chained to this life. Sorry, this what I assume is a work of art inspired a snatch of reverie. Another example of random art, a small link chain woven together and over a signless signpost. I wonder if the artist put the cross piece there, or was it part of an original sign or did some how municipal authority obliged. Some kind of ladder had to be involved. It may look random, but planning was necessary. This installation is on Newark & Monmouth, a few blocks from this other sign of art I noticed a few weeks ago. I would bet good money, perhaps not a lot but still good, that this is the work of the same artist. Meet the new vandalism. Graffiti has now taken the form of sculpture. Random art is spreading. Just what Jersey City needs, more of the inexplicable!

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