Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What better evidence of the arrival of Spring is there than Daffodils. Right here in Van Vorst park. Community groups are responsible for the planting of flowers, caring them and this is flower season. By the Summer, everything is green. But in April, the renewal of life emerges, one bud and one blossom at a time. We can forget our troubles for a moment or two, bask in the glory of Spring, not in the full-glory of course. That’s not as interesting as the encroaching glory. Flowers in the park. Daffodils. Love. Baseball. Nature once again befriends us all. All the girls look pretty. Time to put away the coats and gloves and scarves. Say good bye to wool. Show some skin. Feel the sun. In the right moment, in the right frame of mind, daffodils blooming epitomize all beauty, for everyone.

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