Monday, April 5, 2010

No Right Time Yet

My apologies to everyone who read the Friday post on the ongoing saga of the Grove Street Clock, where the visiting tech promised the clock would be working—it’s his second visit in as many months. Click here for that story.

Once again, however, the company fell short of its promise to fix the clock. The issue was supposedly covers and I did indeed see the new covers in the back of the Verdin Van on Friday. I and everybody reading this was surprised to find the time was still wrong by the end of day Friday, and remained incorrect all weekend. Of course, we’re not that surprised, this is Jersey City after all and it’s been a while since the clocks told the right time.

A spokesperson for the Verdin Clock Company, the manufacturers of the this street tower clock emailed me:

“A delay in sending the additional parts, rain on the days scheduled and now a power source problem are all contributing to the delay. Hopefully the power source problem will be corrected this week and the repairs completed soon.”

I made sure to take this picture at three minutes to twelve so the time would be correct. Actually this is the west face of the clock. The east face reads 12:00. Although the two faces out of synchronization may seem like the city time situation has worsened, I see it as an improvement—the clock is now right at least four times a day.

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