Friday, April 9, 2010

Duck Pond, Duck Pond

Less than a month ago, a foot and half of snow
This Sunday feels more like early Summer
than early Spring
Only buds on the branches, no leaves yet.

Duck Pond, Duck Pond
It’s across from what was
T&W Ice Cream—they made it there, sold it there
Long closed, now a bank, some other kind of development.
Duck Pond, Duck Pond
That remains

Leafy Suburb
Real Estate section euphemism
But Everybody needs a park
Not just in the city, even in a town
That seems like a park
To you now that you’ve escaped.
Everybody needs respite
A semblance of placidity.

This book might help her career
Or could lead to a career
Easter Sunday with nothing to do
And no one to love
Lay on the towel
In the dirt, dream of beach

Mallards & Geese
Too many you have to tap dance
Around the shit
Just enough today, just enough to watch them float
Most of the families have children
Some come in three generations.
Some are alone
Enjoying the quiet companionship
Of the Duck Pond

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