Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Walk Up Lotto

Walk Up Lotto in Washington Heights. I’ve been informed that Bob Dylan technically did not play Harlem but Washington Heights when I went to see him perform recently, but shoot Harlem sounds better. I was taken with this though. The walk up lotto window at the St. Jesus Pharmacy. Heck, we have drive through ATM’s and Dunkin Donuts, why not a drive through Lottery Dispenser. Because it’s crass, because gambling is a deceptive way to balance the books of municipalities? Maybe because, while vice should be legal, it shouldn’t be sanctioned or encouraged? On the other hand, a walk up Lotto cuts down on the lines that can crowd a store, especially when you need to just buy a newspaper and a candy bar. A friend who lives in Westchester tells me that the Walk Up Lottos are becoming quite common. Heck, they’re probably in New Jersey already and I just don’t know it. Do you want Fries with your Pick Six?

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