Monday, December 21, 2009

Jersey City: Snowed in Sunday Morning

Kenny, local businessmen, all-around good guy and neighborhood character. Early Sunday morning, clearing out the corner of Columbus and Jersey so citizens can have their bagels and coffee with their 6-10 inches of snow, considering who you listen to.
The snow that fell this weekend they’re saying was the second largest snow fall on record, a dubious claim. The statement that we haven’t seen this amount of snow since 2003 seems much more reasonable. It’s nice though, before all the dog pee and carbon monoxide fumes turn the white into that gross, icy gray slush that will be soaking into our sucks until about April.

Block by block. Now, it was a Sunday so do not take these pictures as evidence on what businesses and property owners follow the haphazardly enforced municipal ordinances of shoveling side and who is following their annual tradition of ignoring the law and letting pedestrian risk life and limb. But, those who have lived in Jersey City for a while—ever since say, last winter, know full well the winter-long sidewalk slog. A portion of a block is cleared, and then there’s the un-shoveled danger zone. I’ve stumbled much, even several slip and fall right on my butt. You would think that the owners of the property, or the real estate brokers in charge of selling the property, who have the responsibility of snow removal. But for some reason, every year they get away with never removing the snow, which of course gets all crusty with ice, melting and refrozen. These pictures were taken the last day of Autumn. Trudge with caution.

I don’t want to be a bummer though. Look, there’s less sunlight, more clothes to wear, constant discomfort from cold. Lots of thing enhancing the negativity of your mood. Winter’s here and once the holiday cheer fades, there is usually not as much fun to be had. And, you never catch up on as much reading as you would like. Nonetheless, if it is going to be cold outside, might as well have snow, might as well have a White Christmas. Get a hat with ear flaps, a pair of lined gloves and sensible shoes and see what this Winter has to teach you!

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  1. I always loved the snowfall in downtown Jersey City. I used to hear the tugboats horns on the Hudson as the snow came down on the buildings and the streets of city hall as looked out the window of my home at 299 Grove St. Nice memories knowinig that school would be closed and I could stay home and snuggle up in bed to some good old comic books. Nice peaceful times they were indeed!