Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Façade Falls on Newark Avenue

Not again, not more façade falling on Newark Avenue. Unfortunately though, that seems to be the case. On December 29th at around 6:00 AM, a large shard of façade fell from 155 Newark Avenue, currently the home of Sleep Cheap. No injuries were reported and the police responded and put up caution tape. The weather on Tuesday, when the incident occurred, was frigid and windy and apparently a gust jiggled a piece of the blue façade off the exterior of the building. It fell to the sidewalk and shattered. Shards of what seemed to be blue glass were still on the sidewalk in the morning and I was told the sound of the façade crashing to sidewalk was very loud—it could be heard by the manager of the adjacent gym. The employees of the Mattress store are seen removing a broken piece of the façade later that morning, presumably from the section of the exterior of the building where the original pieces fell from. The other pictures were taken on Wednesday. The caution tape was still up and a hand printed sign is in the window directing customers to use the back entrance of the store. In September, sections of the façade at 139 Newark Avenue also fell, apparently from wind gusts. In both incidents, no one was injured.

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