Monday, March 28, 2011

Juxtaposed Billboards

We’re like Reno without the Casinos—cheap divorces these days. Or is that Tijauana. She’ll still get the house and the dog. The other billboard though, it’s just garbage – old signage flapping in the wind, nothing new to paste on. Cheap legal help, a priceless void, nothingness, destruction. What kind of impact does seeing this day in and day out have on our subconscious? Nihilistic surrealism, I dare say. Gentrification they call it, all the new condos, all the new professionals, then this a sign of garbage, next to cheap divorce. It’s not what lies underneath, it is what is hung on the backs building. Make some extra dough by selling advertising on your empty space on the façade of your building, nothing wrong with that. But you have to have some responsibility of upkeep, you don’t have the right to be an eyesore. Oh wait. Is that an original Banksy? Exit through the liquor store where the Colt 45 quarts are displayed near the lotto machine.

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