Monday, May 10, 2010

Newport Corroding

Perhaps our city is saving on infrastructure costs by combining the sewer system with the subway system. Or maybe the Hudson River is seeping into the Pavonia Newport Path Station. Whatever the case, whatever is going on here is getting worse. The stench of dankness while not quite overwhelming, is getting close. The odor of moist mildew is thick throughout the station. You cannot escape the smell, even though the corrosion seems mainly on the side of the platform opposite to the entrance. Look at that dripping gunk. It can’t be healthy and I doubt it is safe, I mean, there seems to be a significant amount of water dripping in this entire area.

This is a closer view of the tunnel opening in the background of the picture above. You want corrosion, you got corrosion. What the heck is causing this? Sometimes the smell in this station is a little funky, but I don’t remember it ever stinking this bad before. I don’t notice this sort of rot in other PATH stations, although to be fair, I haven’t been to Harrison in years.

Nice. It was not raining on the day these pictures were taken, although I’m not sure that would be an explanation if it had been. I’m glad somebody put a bucket beneath whatever is leaking to avoid a hazard. Maybe this leak has nothing to do with the corrosion only a couple of yards away on the same platform. Whatever is going on here, how much of a hazard, I do not know and I’m not trying to cause unnecessary hysteria (I only want the hysteria that is needed). At the very least, the leaks and corrosion are unsettling and gross. Whatever is going on has gotten worse.

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