Thursday, May 13, 2010


You walk around, down one street, then another. Usually though it’s the usual route. The way you always you go, the street you always take. Then sometimes it’s not. Same city, same neighborhood, maybe even the same destination, more or less. Keep walking. You try a different street and see a building that has always been there but you just never noticed before. Nothing special here, except abandonment. When was it last in use? How long since a car has been in this lot. And what exactly is that side building, the adjunct structure, somebody tagged the roof yet the roof seems to be mere tar paper. Must have been a very quick act of graffiti. What was the purpose here? Then you wonder, why does it still stand like this, waiting for what, demoltion? Seems like a perfectly good building, why no condo project, why not a re-purposing? Why do we live in a city and country where factories and warehouses remain unused. When was the last time real wages rose? What was that unemployment figure again?

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