Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drawing Space

Victory Hall Drawing Rooms is located at 180 Grand Street and is one of the largest galleries in town and the group show held during the annual artist studio tour featured upwards of two dozen artists. These included: Eileen Ferara, Elizabeth Onorato, Ibou Ndoye, Steve Singer, Margaret Weber, Sandra Desando, Maggie Ens, Mike Markman, Kim Wiseman, Greg Brickey, Jasmine Graf, Glenn Garver, Orlando Reyes, Winifred McNeill, Phil Pellicane, Nyugen E Smith, Heidi Curko, Anne Trauben, Loura van der Meule, Demetrio Alfonso, Geraldine Gaines, 
Cheryl Gross, Jill Scipione, Stephanie Daniels, Megan Klim.

It’s a fascinating space, a former convent – although I might bet it was something before it was a nunnery because there seemed to be an institutional ambiance and while I was told the various rooms were living spaces for the sisters, they seemed rather spacious, about classroom size. Whatever the case, gallery that is now is an engaging showcase for art, a long hall way with rooms opening on side and art everywhere.

The “drawing” was broadly defined – there were some tiny sculptures, though I didn’t get a good picture – and what seemed a be a mini-show-within-a-show featuring high school students – but for the most part, various forms of sketch were the rule of the day.

Margaret Weber had a series of owls – I believe snow owls – occupying one space.




At the end of a hall there was an even a video of Sandy flooding – I think there was a smattering of animation so maybe it could qualify as drawing. Geraldine Gaines was showing African-inspired wood carvings.

Victory Hall Drawing Room is a permanent not a temporary for the tour only gallery, a noteworthy trend in Jersey City. Aside from the drawings, mostly compelling, the space it self, the hall and rooms and what seems like a mysterious past – it certainly wasn’t built to be an art gallery – sparks your curiosity. There’s a lot of corners inspiring wonder what might be around them.

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