Monday, September 9, 2013

Lillian Ribeiro

Lillian Ribeiro calls The Offering   carpenter art, the “canvas” was a piece of a wood from a book shelf, nails and red and blue thread. The nail heads look like sort of like dots, the cat’s cradle threaded to form an image of the Virgin Mary that resembles a constellation in the night sky. The image has an abstract quality, you have to look closely and carefully then once you notice the Madonna’s visage, it’s all you can see yet that visage is anything but readily apparent at first glance.
Another piece utilizes a photograph of another Blessed Mother icon, this one as Madonna and Infant Jesus. This may have been called The Dream. I forget. That was in the back, towards the studio section of Gaia (also _gaia) Studios, which was holding a group show in the entrance/gallery portion of their space during which this example of carpenter art was displayed. A previous Gaia post is here.

Robeiro is of Portuguese descent. Her mother, a devout Catholic, has had a deep impact on her current phase, a series that gives a fresh look to the mother of our lord. “When I was young, my mother would bring me to church and we would light candles to Mary. We never lit candles to Jesus.”

The work-in-progress Mary series will utilize a variety of mediums, says  Ribero – The ultimate female  icon of western civilization --  Maternal, eternal, feminist power – now getting the GAIA makeover.


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