Friday, September 13, 2013

Grid Gulley

Cities are never finished. They’re cutting  a gulley into the asphalt, down into the fine clay dirt beneath, the upper strata of our bedrock and laying down pipe but not pipe for water. Electricity. Inside the pipe are cables. Cut into the street, lay down these pipe enclosed cables, piece by piece throughout our town. 

This construction is just another piece of the  PSE&G North East Grid (NE Grid) Electric Transmission Reliability Project,

PSE&G:  "The Northeast Grid Reliability Project will add a 230kV underground transmission circuit throughout Northern New Jersey. The upgrade will deliver increased electric capacity required by New Jersey business and residents, increase transfer capability, provide better power quality, and reduce transmission system congestion."
Hopefully this transfer capacity increase won’t show up on residential bills.
Apparently, the utility is creating a “3.5 mile underground transmission circuit” between the Hudson Switching Station to the South Waterfront Switching Station.

Difficult, tedious labor. Noisy too, especially when those buzz saws first bite into street. Then it’s gone, over, we turn on the lights or the computer and never wonder about where the comes from or how it gets here.


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