Thursday, April 11, 2013

Un-Speed the Plows

A blast of summer, a return to spring and one hopes not a return to winter, which sure did linger. But snow as late as early May is not unheard of, and in our current climate-changed world, anything is possible. Less than a week ago, winter coat, scarf, wool hat, and gloves were in order –a rise of 50 degrees (give or take, wind chill factors and such) – in about three days. How weird is that.
So, as we enjoyed the new heat I spotted these plows – not yet ready for storage, but snow removal seems to be past so here they rest, abandoned and neglected, rendered impotent now that old man winter has finally fled. These lots must be kept cleared for social order to be maintained. We remember the coats and the worry about the commute or if the cupboard is sufficiently stock. Do we have Parmalat milk? Toilet paper? Like these snow plow blades, snow anxiety is ready for storage for another round of warmer seasons.
I think this is a plow blade, but I'm not certain, but it still looks cool.I love the rust, the wear & tear and the litter and debris that has settled near, carried by the breezes not blowing for this moment at least.

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