Monday, April 15, 2013

Lots to Pits

Nothing lonelier than an empty parking lot but there seems nothing emptier than a lot turned into a pit. Development marches on – as well as through and over – what used to be Downtown Jersey City and these pits are some of the newest ongoing constructions. Look how fresh the mud is, the puddles still robust even though the rain that formed them happened three days before.
Might be hard to tell but these are pictures of two different projects. What was imploded? Parking lots. Worn asphalt was broken up and removed. These wasteland patches are fenced in and the pictures were taken by sticking the lens through one of the holes. This technique creates a vastness of perspective contrary to the reality.
Local car owners probably hope these lots will remain lots; others hope the municipality will ban cars all together but that ain’t bloody likely, alas. Maybe they are going to be parking garages, multiplying the supply of parking spaces to fill the ever-growing demand. Apparently one of the rules for development is that all new residential projects must include parking accommodations in order to proceed.
Will these now former lots be turned into new, improved lots or a building, the latter likely residential considering the zoning laws. The tax cuts for the job creators at work, construction and home loan officers, everyone else, hit the shrinking dole.
Parking lots are either empty or filled it seems, depending on usage and time of day. These are now fenced in pits, miscellaneous and meaningless cogs currently in transition serving the infrastructure needs of a greater, more relentless transition that is this world we find our human selves in. 

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