Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exposed Pole Root

Extracted or excavated, I’m not sure what the precise term would be. The telephone pole has been yanked out of the ground. I love the cylindrical root of concrete, surrounded by the asphalt and dirt, clumping, clinging. Below the ground for how may decades now, now for the first  time ever exposed to the air and light that we all know. Construction in this particular lot occurs in slow-mo. Who knows what will be here or when. There’s progress incrementally, then nothing. More nothing than incremental, for now. One day there was a pole removed. Enough for while I guess. You don’t think change when you see this object – an object you probably have never seen before, an uprooted pole – but you do think past, how long it has been there in the ground serving its purpose. How old… is the pole… how old is the ground?

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