Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tree Surgery

I got closer for more pictures but zap. One picture left and this was it. Out of memory. The damn things hold about 1,000 pictures and the last time I erased this one was in August. Good lord, that’s a lot of snaps but such is the ways of digital photography. Tree surgery as spring finally took hold. Branches and boughs were being removed. They survived Sandy and Winter but I guess leaf-bearing is too risky. The chain saw wielding tree surgeon in the cherry picker was cutting into the wood, but I was unable to get the picture of a falling bough. The winter that wore out its welcome left the branches of trees stark and bare well into spring, and now the summer blast seems to have accelerated the budding and blooming. If indeed, that Spring’s arrival of leaves means these branches pose a threat, the tree surgery was a race against time, suddenly emergent and/or urgent.  Off with the limbs, STAT!

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