Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jersey City Sink Hole

Last month, Jersey City had what was called a sink hole. Our town got a new crater, no meteorite insight. Happened on Jersey Ave, Downtown’s main thoroughfare.  A wide swath of street just collapsed, the foundation beneath the asphalt gave way, a depression was formed. Never found out the cause. Cars had to be towed out of the fresh pit. People walked by, gawked. I asked the cop what happened. It just sank, he said, the street just sank. The astonishment lingered when reconstruction began, within 48 hours. Now you can’t tell that anything happened at all. Restoration needed dirt and gravel, added in layers, like building lasagna, before new asphalt could be poured forth. Took several days, which included working in the evening. Each layer had to be smoothed over, before a new layer was applied. The yellow machine is some new R2-D2 unit, a mini robotic steam roller flattening out each layer before a new layer was added. The future of paving has arrived.

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