Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Do we emerge from nature or do we return to nature – or both – thought of that when I saw this lovely, arbor-oriented couple trying to put down roots in Madison Square Park, near the Flatiron district. A little scary, but also compellingly blunt. Camille Paglia that sex is the nature in all of us, and nature is inevitable. For some reason the squirrel (look closer) rummaging near the roots on the lawn reinforced the inevitability. This sculpture is called Treesouls – according to this website – and is by Alison Saar, who is also doing in the park Feallan and Fallow, a six-piece installation inspired by the ancient myth of Persephone. I’m not sure if the project is there in a another part of the park and I didn’t see it or if it is not yet installed. Is this Adam and Eve trapped or freed or maybe, when it comes to the earth and mortality, there is no difference. Our accepted nomenclature falls short. Here’s something on the artist

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