Thursday, October 20, 2011

McGinley Square

McGinley Square, is south of Journal Square. I may have been there once before. It’s named after a Monsignor who built the church and school, Saint Aedan. The square portion, set off from the splendor of the domed Saint Aedan’s and the couple of blocks of urban (i.e. ghetto-fabulous aka what Downtown used to be like) shops, had some pigeons and these two interesting monuments, direclty opposite each other in the circle in the middle of the corner that is in all likelihood, the “square”. New controvesy has come to McGinley Square; the developers are going to get busy. Apparently the eminent domain issue has been resolved, bribes have been allotted, and construction will begin in 2010, so they say, or is it hope? The monuments and the pigeons will likely survive.

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