Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Creative Grove Projects

Anna Almquist calls herself a Vee Jay. I think it’s also a Video-grapher. She creates projections for concerts and other events, which as far as I can tell are a digitized, 21st century version of Light Shows, more interesting actually since they mash up not just illuminations, but mix pictures and film clips in with a diversity of radiance.

She’s practically a Creative Grove mainstay, recently getting active with social activism with stopping the gas pipe (
say what? yes, a movement’s a-foot to put a natural gas pipeline beneath our fair city, see here).

More recently though, she issued a Facebook solicitation for Creative Grove and Jersey City images for a project she is working on. Well, as my dear Dislocation readers are well aware, Creative Grove supplies plenty of fodder for my impressionistic ramblings. I emailed her some stuff. An oldy but goody image is being projected here. (original blog).

A fun if minor thrill for me... a mirror of a mirror, a dream dreaming the dreamer moment... a blog of a projection of a blog. Something circular going on, but also a comment on perception. Isn’t it weird how something always seems more real, is validated in some weird way, when you see it on film as opposed to actually seeing it in real life.

What is a photograph but a moment? This moment of the Creative Grove I captured now becomes another moment of Creative Grove, which is captured here for the moment right now you are seeing. Anna says it’s a work in progress, and that progress is just starting. The final idea is to create multiple clips that will be projected at Creative Grove, maybe even throw in some advertising.

Creative Grove is great, a weekly community event, an eccentric flea market. The Friday of the July 4, 2011 weekend, the weather was not too hot and the sun was bright and there was no wind – wind has become an issue in our fair city and canapies are prone to being blown away – but it was a nice Creative Grove.

I wasn’t the only one with a camera. I wonder how many of these moments have a projection in their future?

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