Monday, August 2, 2010

Tunnel Diner

Yes, this is there on 1&9, the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. We can see by the sign when it opened, who knows when it closed. Remember those times driving into the city and partying all night and stopping here for breakfast sometime between three in the morning and dawn, sobering up before going home. It’s so weird to walk around there, try it sometimes, walk north on Jersey Avenue. The Hamilton Park sector is so well-heeled and even snooty and it just ends abruptly with the vast, carbon monoxide filled multi-lane gaping maw into Manhattan and on the other-side, it’s the land time forgot. Homeless abound, shaky neighborhood, shelters and soup kitchens, the forbidden zone before the leafy and tranquil yuppie paradise of Hoboken. Used to be a diner there, maybe there will be again, maybe the plans are to turn it into a club med… if the radiation levels ever decline.

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